May 30, 2012

♡ ♡ welcome to earth ♡ ♡

you are not normal therefore we do not want you

 Thank you Kira and Sarah and Noku the snake for modeling in 100 degree sun and Grace for helping and all for being rad, awesome, etc.

I feel my style changing and I like it.

May 21, 2012


photos I took while visiting unwell family over spring break. the south has a way of making you sad.

grace spinning in our hotel room
grandma gayle and jacob
grandma standing outside her house
 the house she grew up in
 the house my father grew up in
 my grandma made us stop the car so we could photograph this tree

 somewhere in Atlanta

 the varsity

 Grace inside the varsity
 Atlanta olympic centennial park. there is a photo of my siblings and I when we were very young in front of these fountains
somewhere in south carolina

visiting papa
grace in the hospital
kenna, ava, shelby


May 16, 2012

sleeping lessons

A series I submitted for my AP Art (2-D Studio) concentration that dwells on the nature of insomnia. It isn't complete, I want to expand on it and keep it an on-going project. Each photo presents a scenario in which the subject(s) is(are) enveloped in a somewhat singular world, bringing what one may feel when they find themselves the only ones awake.

May 13, 2012

I'm bad at titles

 Traj found pieces of a broken beer bottle and when we held it up to the sun it made such a cool refraction of light