April 30, 2012

gratuitously sappy post



early april/new york visit

I am most content when documenting the people around me. I get so much satisfaction out of just recording my life. 

photos from late march/early april:
Sarah in her room

Sarah and Hayden

 I went to NYC, ran into a few protests while wandering around:

I can't wait to be living/working there. 

April 18, 2012

 Two hours or so after this shoot I totaled my car, and Sarah no longer has hair. This was the loveliest of mornings though.

 model is Sarah, thank you Grace for helping me always

April 7, 2012

Rolls of film from summer that I obviously neglected to do anything with while they were still relevant. Photos have a tendency to do that so now they're just some nice little far away memories.

impromptu old navy ad

Amanda, Becca, Heather, Grace
 loveliest place I know of:
 Wyatt in front of the lake
two suns

White Oaks
 lining up to jump from the rock at White Oaks
 mysterious greenman
Wyatt playing volleyball

 I experimented with purposely destroying film except I don't remember what I did exactly:
 my favorite tree
 Grandma Gayle, Dad, Grace
 Grace on the beach
 Grandma Gayle on the beach