March 27, 2012

photos of things that are not photos

I had to photograph some of my other work for AP so I thought I'd share. 

 acrylic on canvas
 pen drawing of my father
 sketches/brain scramble
 the result of boredom
bleached acrylic on canvas board

March 25, 2012

from august

old photos from august that I thought should see the light of day

 Grace waking up from a nap

Faith, Potomac Bay

 Faith climbing the overgrown trees

Faith lying out on our picnic blanket

 Cassie and Faith on the trees, Potomac Bay
Alex, Cassie, Faith, and Mackenzie, Potomac Bay


March 4, 2012

day glo

photographs that have been waiting around doin nothing much, from days on repeat in my head cause they just kind of glow.

Trajan above the parkway

A roll of film from a day of hiking up on the Appalachian Trail:
the gang n daisy
Heather, Cal and my feet

when the sun started setting, it made everything so vivid

life, lately:

Trajan on my bedroom floor