December 8, 2012

I've moved to a different blog

I've moved my blog to a new url--


August 12, 2012

Self Portrait Therapy

A series of self portraits that will never be finished. 

My self-harm habits have been with me my entire life.
I get better and I get worse at the same time, all of the time. And that is essentially what self-harm is--it makes you better and worse. These photos are my effort to reconcile the the self hate and the self love, and document a healing process that ebbs and flows with no consistency or predictability, a process that will never end because it is a part of who I am.

This is my "self portrait therapy," if you will. 

My mantra is often: I'm ok, you're ok, it will all be ok, etc.

PS- I stole the term "self portrait therapy" from Alexis Mire.

July 16, 2012

good morning

summer, life, etc.

during high school everyone is waiting for "real life" to start. I always thought that was kind of dumb.  you should realize that you've been living this whole time and that you are in fact, a sentient being!!

Heather and Callah in the morning
Hayden and Sarah
Trajan and I, at the treehouse. I think Cal stole this one
Heather and Callah

July 4, 2012

hotdogs and cheap wine

June 2012

the treehouse
 view of the playhouse from the treehouse
early morning through the window
Heather and Callah on the way to town

the gang
family dinner= hotdogs and wine

 after the rain
lightning bugs

it takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm

June 15, 2012

Capital Pride

went to Capital Pride festival last weekend with the dudes, felt so rad to be in such a positive and powerful environment with people everywhere just being themselves.
Callah on the metro


 in front of the capital

just people being fab

timmy at werk
callah and heather