October 16, 2011

NYC: occupy wall street

I was walking around in the history and anarchy of it all and it was nice. the atmosphere was so charged and real and compelling. I admire people most when they speak outwardly and with fervor, through any medium, so documenting the protest was an insanely great feeling.

 corporate zombies

 really lovely girl with her australian shepard

peter paul and mary 

an artist I met 

October 14, 2011


 Everything was happening at once. I'll b back. 

riding in

the brooklyn bridge

lovely stranger girls in chinatown waving at me

 bride in chinatown 

"pratt cat" strolling around the campus

stranger girl outside a store window in the gramercy

central park

bus ride home

I visited the Occupy Wall Street movement while there, so I'll share those in a separate post.

October 12, 2011

forgotten photos

a few photos that have been forgotten, shoved all out of chronological order. 
my mother

ava talking to strangers



avery's first day home

avery in the headlights